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Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Thu May 18 02:06:35 GMT 2000

Hi guys,

Sorry, but I haven\'t been paying enough attention to the 
list / TNG for the last couple of weeks and I apologise 
if this has already been addressed (or if I\'m just plain 

I have a box set up with yesterday\'s TNG CVS. I can log 
in as administrator and another admin account and they 
now both work as Local Administrators. I have the domain 
group map = , local group map = and domain alias map = 
lines in smb.conf (with the full path names of course). 
The group I am using for the Domain Admin group is the 
user\'s primary Unix group, it is unique (ie, there are 
no users with the same name) and the local 
administrators group is also unique. When I try to 
browse, map a drive, remote admin, etc. I get an access 
denied message.

I am using user level security, domain logons are on, 
it\'s the master browser, WINS works (it\'s actually 
pointing to our dodgy NT WINS server) and the users are 
in the smbpasswd file.

When I do a \'samgroupmem administrators\' I am told that 
the Administrator and the user account (as well as two 
name-less accounts) exist in that group. When I do the 
same with \"Domain Admins\" (and it is looking Domain 
Admins not just Domain), It returns nothing.

enumg returns all the groups and instead of the Unix 
group showing, the correct NT group is returned.

Apart from that, TNG looks *really* good. It is heaps 
quicker logging in than the NT box (identical hardware), 
but that could just be the inability to load a remote 
profile from the server.

Good work peoples!


P.S. Luke/Rest of Samba team: Would you be interested in 
having a couple of other \"support\" files (like the 
example smb.conf file(s)) updated for TNG?

Xavier College Gawler, South Australia
Xavier College Staff E-mail is
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