Next stable version of Samba.

John Weber jweber at
Wed May 17 23:46:27 GMT 2000


I bought the book "Using Samba" because it says "Officially adopted by the
Samba team" on the cover and it's O'Reilly. I wanted to figure out how to
authenticate NT logons. I spent several days thrashing around the samba
site trying to find version 2.1 as mentioned in the book. I eventually
wound up playing with TNG and only now in these last few emails on this
list did I ever see that 2.1 meant "the development version".

I like what I've found now, but it was a rough entry.

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On Thu, 18 May 2000, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

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> > >>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc at> writes:
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> >     >> "You will need to use at least Samba 2.1 to ensure that PDC
> >     >> functionality for Windows NT clients is present..."
> > 
> >     Gregory> So, uhm, how did the Samba Team let this go out?  To the
> >     Gregory> best of my knowledge, there has never been an officially
> >     Gregory> released "Samba 2.1", so it seems that it's kind of a
> >     Gregory> strange statement.
> > 
> > Samba 2.1 has always been taken to refer to "the development
> > version".  You are correct, there was no 2.1 release.
> Sorry to do this, but...  If it's taken to refer to "the development
> version", and there's something in books like this that state that "Samba
> 2.1" isn't released, and that the release schedule isn't set (at the time of
> printing), then the Samba Team should have no qualms about invalidating this
> version reference.  Since it's meant to refer to "the development version",
> I'd say that we shouldn't have any qualms about invalidating this statement
> in the book "Using Samba".  Maybe that's just me...
> 	Greg

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