Samba problem: Delayed access with multiple shares

Gordon.Morrison at Gordon.Morrison at
Wed May 17 13:53:48 GMT 2000

I'm hoping you can help with a Samba problem that has been going on for some
time now.

A group of users are having problems with a couple of shares I set up
They are running windows NT 4, and sharing an area on a server running
HP-UX. When they log onto the network and enter their password for these
samba shares, they get the error message "Incorrect password or unknown
username for (share_name)". They try several times with the same result, but
if they leave it for a few minutes and try again, their password is
accepted. When I map these drives on my own PC, I have no problem. At first,
I thought it must be a network problem, so I got our Network Support people
to have a look, but they couldn't find anything wrong. 
These people have lots of shares on various different servers, and the
affected ones are the last ones added (drives W: & X:). They have at least
one other share on the same server which works fine, and was used as a
template for creating the affected shares. As an experiment I asked them to
change the order of their share drive letters so that the affected shares
are connected earlier - this made no difference. 
The new shares are set up exactly the same as other shares they have been
using for months without problems.
The log files don't contain any of the errors associated with "shared mem
size" being set too low (it is set to the default), likewise "max open
files" and "max connections" are also using the default values.
Any help you could offer would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Gordon Morrison
ITSD Unix Support
gordon.morrison at

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