Registry entries via netlogon batch file

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Wed May 17 15:37:02 GMT 2000

Is there any way to make registry changes to a client machine (change a
DWORD value and a key value).  I am trying to automate the roll over
from one Samba login erver to another, via scripting and redundancy of
machines.  My thought process is to:

Move all of the shares, home directories and user information to the new
machine (which is relatively easy to do), and create a samba login
server to handle logins to "NEWDC".  All of the users trying to log into
this DC will have to use encrypted passwords.  However, all of the users
are using "PlainTextPasswordsEnabled" to login into the old login server
"OLDDC" (names have been changed to protect the innocent :)).  I want to
mount the data on the "NEWDC" via NFS (probably safer) or if possible
SMBfs (much easier as they are already going to be shared this way)
mounts and reshare them in the same way OLDDC has been sharing them all
along.  This way users notice nothing but a very slight slow down in
performance (I hope).

When they logon to the OLDDC server I want to make the necessary
registry changes to change the Domain they are logging into and to
disable PlainTextPasswords (which is very easy to do).  The next time
they reboot, they never know the difference other than some of the names
have changed, which they won't notice anyway.

Does anyone see any holes in this and if it seems somewhat plausible can
someone tell me how to make the registry changes via the Netlogon
script?  We have a different script for each user and a universal script
for every user.  Both of which are ran at login time.  I'm thinking at
this point that it would be better to put this in the user's script so
that I can allow for differences between Win 95 and 98.   I have no NT
Workstations to worry about so this should be a fairly simple task, I'm
thinking.  I just want it to be almost totally invisible to the user.

I appreciate any help and any suggestions.

Chris Tooley

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