windows 2000 and samba as its PDC

Imre Oolberg oolberg at
Tue May 16 17:47:40 GMT 2000


i can say that i have used samba for some good years and its great.
I put into work a 12 NT 4.0 workstations computerclass and Samba as its
PDC, it does user autentication and logging and printer sharing and

Now i try to do the same with Windows 2000 (Proffessional) Client.
I can visit from these clients Samba Shares and vice versa, visit 2000
thru smbclient. But i seem to bo not able to set up 2000 so that samba
authenticates its users ie is 2000's PDC.

When i choose from 2000 Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Network ID ->

and try to change Workgroup into domain it open a dialog and sais

'Enter the name and the password of the account with permission tojoin the

When i did it under administrator and gave my personal Samba username and
password it repied 'The procedure number is out of range'

I used samba 2.0.7 and compiled it like ./configure; make install

and used the same smb.conf which worked great for NT logins and PDCing.

I suspect i need some weird username&passord ie account to set up
somewhere for joining the bloody 2000 into that domain. Please help me

Best regards, Imre

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