Trusts and winlogon problems

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Mon May 15 20:09:55 GMT 2000

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> Okay, this time, I would appreciate some help from the nt
> gurus here.

Well, I don't think there'a any such thing as an "NT Guru", but let me see
what I can answer.

> Here's the scenario:
> There's an NT-Terminal-server, which is a member of an
> NT-Domain. This NT-Domain now trusts my Samba-Domain (was
> some tricky, I'll write something about that too). This
> seems to work mainly (there are small issues, if
> neccessary, I'll explain them).

That's kinda cool...  I'm going to have to try that out.  

> Mainly means: The NT-PDC has my samba-domain in its
> logon-box.
> BUT: The Terminal-Server doesn't have it in its logon-box.
> For understandable reasons, I can't currently reboot it. I
> tried to stop and start the logon-service ("Anmeldedienst"
> in german, not sure, if I translated it corrctly back) on
> it, but that did't help.

The "native" name is "netlogon".

> So how do I tell the Terminalserver to "reread" the lists
> of valid domains from its PDC?

It should do that as part of the browser services on NT.  Try restarting the
"computer browser" service, assuming that it doesn't have any dependancies
(sorry, I can't remember any, but who knows).  I'd think that either this
service, or the "server" service would be in charge of these.  However, if
you restart the server service, you're going to cut everybody off, which
doesn't sound high on your list of things to do today.  Other than that, I
don't see any possibilities except rebooting the server.  

> Just as a side-note: The trust-relationship seems to work,
> as I can access shares on the Terminalserver with
> accounts from my samba-domain, so the main trust works,
> just the logon-box doesn't list my domain. This should be
> fixable by rebooting, which I currently don't want to do.

Ah, just reboot and cut everybody.  They're only NT users, who cares?  :-)

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