OT: Trusts and winlogon problems

Elrond elrond at samba.org
Mon May 15 19:27:03 GMT 2000

Okay, this time, I would appreciate some help from the nt
gurus here.

Here's the scenario:

There's an NT-Terminal-server, which is a member of an
NT-Domain. This NT-Domain now trusts my Samba-Domain (was
some tricky, I'll write something about that too). This
seems to work mainly (there are small issues, if
neccessary, I'll explain them).

Mainly means: The NT-PDC has my samba-domain in its

BUT: The Terminal-Server doesn't have it in its logon-box.
For understandable reasons, I can't currently reboot it. I
tried to stop and start the logon-service ("Anmeldedienst"
in german, not sure, if I translated it corrctly back) on
it, but that did't help.

So how do I tell the Terminalserver to "reread" the lists
of valid domains from its PDC?

Just as a side-note: The trust-relationship seems to work,
as I can access shares on the Terminalserver with
accounts from my samba-domain, so the main trust works,
just the logon-box doesn't list my domain. This should be
fixable by rebooting, which I currently don't want to do.


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