TNG shared lib

Elrond elrond at
Sat May 13 14:46:27 GMT 2000


Oh well, aix.

Normaly my area. But I admit, that I'm currently ignoring
aix in the field of samba completely. (and my next target
is HP-UX, cause that seems to be more complex. ;))

I currently only have one suggestion:

Compile static:
./configure --disable-shared

Lars, could you add this suggestion somewhere on your

On Sun, May 14, 2000 at 12:22:32AM +1000, William Jojo wrote:
> I'm assuming .libs should be ./libs.....if someone would like to point out where
> it decides this, I'd gladly fix it....

No, the dot is right, these are internal hidden directories
of libtool, and libtool seems to be broken for aix and the
type of build, samba is currently using.

I will look at it at some time... Just remind me in 2 or 3
weeks. ;)

Oh, and you wont have much fun on aix with TNG, unless you
restrict your nt boxes to names stricly shorter then 8
chars (that is, max 7 chars).


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