CVS getting out of sync {was: Re: TNG does not compile}

Sander Striker s.striker at
Sat May 13 13:40:05 GMT 2000

>    Sander> That's very inconvenient, especially for those of you with
>    Sander> dialup connections.
>I find that giving cvs the "-z 3" option improves download times
>enormously.  (Approx 1/2 hr for my entire-tree donload.)

Indeed this helps a lot.

>    Sander> There is public cvs, for anonymous checkouts and there is
>    Sander> private cvs for samba team members. Those two can get out
>    Sander> of sync (unfortunately).  The only way to get it to be the
>    Sander> same as private cvs is a fresh new checkout, since updates
>    Sander> won't do the trick.
>I don't really get this either.  If we're all talking to the one cvs
>repository, how do things get out of sync?  If there are two cvs
>repositories, how does stuff get from the private one to the public

There is one repository, however, there are (at least) two interfaces
to it. One the :pserver: (public) and second a private cvs interface
over a secure connection (private). And then some samba team members
can probably do local cvs when they are working on the box that holds
the repository.
Anyhow, there must be a (small) difference between the public and private
way of getting things...

>More confused than ever,

I don't know how the deal is exactly either. I did a lot of guessing.
It doesn't really matter though; just do a fresh checkout whenever you
have the feeling you are the only one who can't compile or if you just
want to make sure this is not the problem.


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