CVS getting out of sync {was: Re: TNG does not compile}

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sat May 13 12:10:29 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Sander" == Sander Striker <s.striker at> writes:

    Sander> That's very inconvenient, especially for those of you with
    Sander> dialup connections.

I find that giving cvs the "-z 3" option improves download times
enormously.  (Approx 1/2 hr for my entire-tree donload.)

    Sander> There is public cvs, for anonymous checkouts and there is
    Sander> private cvs for samba team members. Those two can get out
    Sander> of sync (unfortunately).  The only way to get it to be the
    Sander> same as private cvs is a fresh new checkout, since updates
    Sander> won't do the trick.

I don't really get this either.  If we're all talking to the one cvs
repository, how do things get out of sync?  If there are two cvs
repositories, how does stuff get from the private one to the public

More confused than ever,


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