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Jens Skripczynski Skripi at hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de
Fri May 12 21:11:48 GMT 2000

Rich Webb:
> Where can I find information on what different versions of TNG there are and
> how do I get different releases?  All the documentation that I have found is
> referring to the earlier releases and doesn't seem to pertain much.
Currently there is no documentation of TNG avaible. It changes very fast and
all documentation about it is almost in time outdated...
Currently there is still a log of merging with the HEAD. So it may take a
month (?) until things become stable.

> I need a version of TNG that will act as a PDC, allow domain logons, 
My version of yesterday does..

> and have domain groups that I can base policies on.  
You mean using the poledit Programm ? I currently can't remember anybody
talking on that subject  and would be interested if it is included ?
Luke ?

> Does one exist that those three things are functional?
Domain groups exist and can be viewed by the Usermanager. But policies...
I don't know.


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