Still SCOing

Trevor Antczak trevor at
Fri May 12 18:08:04 GMT 2000

Hello again,

Progress has been made.  I think this problem actually has something to
do with Samba.  The last problem was that I had installed "make" for the
wrong version of SCO.  After that I had to edit include/includes.h,
because some of the libraries were in different places on this system
(and I had to steal a few libraries from a different system I don't
think this is a problem, but if it is let me know).  Now I compile for
quite a while (at some point I also had to find and install the GNU "ar"
utility, cause SCO lacks one unless you install their "pay to play"
development tools).  Now I run fine until make tries to compile
fsuage.c.  I get he following error:

Compiling lib/fsusage.c with libtool
lib/fsusage.c: In function `sys_fsusage':
lib/fsusage.c:129: storage size of `fsd' isn't known
make: *** [lib/fsusage.lo] Error 1

I took a quick look at  fsusage.c, and to my (very inexperienced) eyes,
everything looks fine (at any rate, this same code compiles fine on
other boxes for me).  This is (still ;-)) a SCO Open Server 5 system,
compiling TNG 2.5 with gcc 2.95.  If I start to get to irritating tell
me to go away, but if I can get this work I'm going to write a HOW-TO or

Thank you,
Trevor Antczak
Technology Manager
Steinmetz & Associates

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