There are still login problems

Sander Striker s.striker at
Fri May 12 09:32:31 GMT 2000

Indeed, there are. Luke is aware of this problem, so I guess
someone will look into this. Be patient.
I'm currently running the TNG 2.5 version which does
the comlete login + profiles ok.

Sander Striker

>On Fri, May 12, 2000 at 02:48:54PM +1000, Lars Kneschke wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Some days ago 3 or 4 people posted a email, that they can't 
>login corectly.
>> After login you get a message that win nt can't load the profile, and in
>> smb.log you will see, that samba thinks that the supplied 
>password is wrong.
>> But the password is ok, you login using smbclient. This problems still
>> exists. If no one will fix it, samba tng is not useable, and no serious
>> testing can be done!
>> Have some other people this problem too?
>Yes, from Win2k, the login was accepted but then the win2k user
>couldn't access shares on the Samba Server (TNG alpha 2.5.3 on
>ISTR if I gave "TESTDOMAIN\user" as the username (in the dialog box for
>mapping to the share) it then accepted the connection.  
>My smb.conf is below.  Sorry I can't give you more details, I toasted
>my only Win2k box and won't have a chance to fix it till next week.
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>#NetBIOS name isn't needed if it's the same as the hostname 
>netbios name = PDC
>workgroup = TESTDOMAIN
>server string = Test PDC running Samba TNG
># Security
>hosts allow = 127.
>interfaces = eth0:8
>bind interfaces only = yes
># Deal with case changes
>preserve case = yes
>short preserve case = yes
># Keep away from Samba 2.0.x server
>log file = /var/log/samba-tng/log.%m
>lock dir = /var/lock/samba-tng
>#flat files that map Unix groups to NT type groups. 
>#these files take the form unix_group = `Windows NT group'' 
>domain group map = /usr/local/samba-tng/private/ 
>domain alias map = /usr/local/samba-tng/private/ 
>#Domain controllers use user security and we need encrypted 
>#passwords (see ENCRYPTION.txt) 
>security = user 
>domain logons = yes 
>encrypt passwords = yes 
>#And in order for us to be *sure* to win browser elections 
>os level = 65 
>domain master = yes 
>preferred master = yes 
>local master = yes 
>#WINS is the equivalent of DNS for NetBIOS. 
>wins support = yes 
>time server = yes 
>#the next lines are equivalent to the various profile details 
>#found in NT's User Manager 
>logon script = login.bat 
>logon drive = U: 
>logon home = \\PDC\%U
>logon path = \\PDC\profile\%U
>#share all home directories 
>browseable = no 
>writable = yes 
>comment = Users' home directories 
>#set up netlogon share for system policies and login scripts 
>path = /usr/local/samba-tng/netlogon 
>writable = no 
>guest ok = no 
>comment = PDC netlogon share 
>#the profiles share
>#to create automatic subdirs for the different users
>#chmod 1777 /usr/local/samba-tng/profile
>path = /usr/local/samba-tng/profile
>writeable = yes
>#a public share 
>path = /usr/groups/noc
>browseable = yes 
>public = yes 
>comment = Public share 

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