still can't join domain

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Fri May 12 07:34:59 GMT 2000

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> Dazu meine Meinung:
> > Well, I've also still not succeeded in joining any version of
> samba-tng to
> > an NT4 domain.
> > TNG is working fine as a PDC (except login as administrator and
> root from an
> > NT4 client still fails) and as a member of a samba-tng
> controlled domain,
> > but I definitely can't get it to join an NT4 controlled domain.
> > I gave this up.
> What was Your problem?

If I remember correctly, the last time I tried (version 2.5) I got an
'LSA_OPENSECRET unknown error' while creating a machineaccount.
After this, the machineaccount was created on the NTPDC, but the password
was not known by Samba.


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