still can't join domain

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Wed May 10 20:59:38 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Osama" == Osama Abu-Aish <osabmt00 at> writes:

    Osama> Hallo everyone, when trying to join a NT4SP5 controlled
    Osama> Domain with samba-TNG from yesterday evening it looks lie
    Osama> this:

There are problems with logging on with the current CVS Samba.  Watch
this list for updates.

    Osama> /rpcclient -S ASTERIX -U root -W HOMENET.OAA -n GARNIX

I believe NT has issues with domains that have periods in the names
(tends to truncate the name from the first period onwards, I believe).
This may or may not be a contribution to the problems you are having,
but it is not recommended.


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