Samba Solaris Oracle and Semaphores problem

Peter S. Morris psmorris at
Wed May 10 20:11:10 GMT 2000

Hi -

I am running:
Sun Solaris 2.7
Samba 2.0.7
Oracle 8.0.5

Boot the server:
Oracle successfully starts up 1st.
Samba successfully starts up 2nd.

I can shut down Oracle successfully. However, when restarting Oracle I get a
"no available semaphores" Failure.

Then... If I shutdown Samba ipcs shows that it did not release it's
I have to ipcrm Samba's resources before I can restart Oracle successfully.

Samba seems to be eating up all of the semaphores and not letting go. How do
I configure the system to allow for Samba and Oracle to co-exist? And allow
for Oracle to be restarted?

I saw some posts about changing /etc/system but when I changed it to the
recommended values, my lic_mgr (Sun Workshop and C/C++) went wacko. So I had
to roll it back to the old system. Does anyone have recommendations on what
to place in the /etc/system that would help?

psmorris at

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