Problems with Samba from a moron

Jens Skripczynski Skripi at
Wed May 10 19:19:21 GMT 2000

Nicholas Wong:
> Jeez I'm sorry. I didn't think about that at the time...
> I am running LinuxPPC on a G3 266 mac on a 10 baseT lan with mostly 100
> baseT win98 machines (that work fine) and one Win2000 Machine (that dosn't
> work at all). 
Windows 2000 support is not officially included in the 2.0 branch at all.
So for PDC support you will have to use the current cvs branch named

SAMBA-TNG FAQ         
SAMBA Bug report "How to"
SAMBA Bug report template

it should answer some questions.

> When I installed it it came with no default smb.conf file, and I used the
> web administration tool to create one. After about 2 hours of working on it,
> I finally got logons to work. Now, I need to get better network security,
> (perhaps a newer version of samba is in order?), I need to get this Win2000
> computer logged in, and try to get PoPToP working with it to allow VPN
> domain logons. (but that is much later)
s. above

> I need the server to be my router for my ADSL connection for sure, Samba is
> for mostly filesharing and VPN, and perhaps a webserver.
You can also configure a Linux-Box a NAT Router & Firewall, even this would
be topic to a different Mailinglist. I have on my LinuxBox a webserver with
a script which initiates an internet connection at will.

> That's probably more information than you need, but here are the problems I
> can identify with it.
> 1. It says that netlogon has failed in the logs when I logon.
> 2. It says (all the time) that Gethostbyaddr in some c library has failed.
> 3. Sometimes Samba just shuts down (perhaps this is just shotty power in the
> apartment)
Again see above.

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