NT PDC and Samba-TNG BDC? Anyone?

someone p.grimmerink at home.nl
Wed May 10 12:34:13 GMT 2000

Dominik Kubla wrote:

> # rpcclient -S NT4PDC -U administrator -W MYGROUP -n ADMIN
> added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
> Enter Password:
> Server: \\NT4PDC:     User:   administrator   Domain: MYGROUP
> Connection:     error connecting to (Connection refused)
>                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>                                     What is this?
> session setup ok
> Domain=[MYGROUP] OS=[Windows NT 4.0] Server=[NT LAN Manager 4.0]
> OK
> [MYGROUP\administrator at NT4PDC]$ lsaquery
> lsaquery
> LSA Query Info Policy
> Domain Member     - Domain: MYGROUP SID: S-x-x-xx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx
> Domain Controller - Domain: MYGROUP SID: S-x-x-xx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx

At this stage you should do a :
use -Sadmin -Ulocalrootaccount -Wadmin
The localrootaccount should be in the smbpasswd file, with a correct
Note the -Wadmin, indicating that you really want to log in as a local
Now you have a connection to the samba machine, you can proceed.

> [MYGROUP\administrator at NT4PDC]$ createuser ADMIN$ -s -j MYGROUP
> createuser ADMIN$ -s -j MYGROUP
> SAM Create Domain User
> error connecting to (Connection refused)
> Domain: MYGROUP Name: admin$ ACB: [S          ]
>                       ^^^^^
>                       Why is this in lower caps?

Case insensitive. No problem


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