Problems with Samba from a moron

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Wed May 10 09:48:42 GMT 2000

What version? What platform? Without more information, we can't help


Nicholas Wong wrote:
> Hi, I just started my life as home/office netadmin. Elected from my
> grassroots Game Development team, and I am having the folowing problems with
> Samba, if anyone could help with any of these, I would be really greatfull.
> First, I can't seem to make the domain secure. We have a machine that can
> join the workgroup without logging in, and browse everything on the
> computers in the domain, but not the server becuase there is no Guest access
> on it.
> Second, The server seems to quit working after being left alone for several
> hours.
> Third, Win2000 no likey. Dosn't find the domain, dosn't log in, IOW: no
> like-y. Tried the NT workstation rules, didn't work.
> If someone could send me a good smb.conf file that would really help me out.
> Thanks!
> Viper-X

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