How does NT choose a DC?

Anders C. Thorsen anders at
Tue May 9 23:41:44 GMT 2000

Well... my guess would be to look at the subnet (ip AND netmask)


> I've seeked help from NT newsgroups, from friends at MS, from countless 
> books.  Then I started to think who else might have the answer?  Few people 
> know how MS Domains work better than you guys so here goes:
> When a workstation logs onto a domain it can locate a DC via broadcasts or 
> WINS.  If it is located via broadcast it is obviously going to be the 
> nearest server.
> If it is located via WINS, how does the workstation know not to go
> across a slow WAN for authentication?  How does a workstation decide
> which DC to use for authentication?
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