where to get samba tng (w/o cvs)

Johnny Hall johnny at highlander.com
Tue May 9 19:31:52 GMT 2000

On this note, I can't use cvs from here.  How big is the source?  If not two big
could someone just email it to me?



Hayden Wimmer wrote:

> where do i get tng??? i went to samba.org and get the "latest" and it didnt
> cure the nt admin probs i have been having...and when i cvs it says
> error-can't fine home dir...
> also, if anyone is as stupid as me
> DONT use win zip to unzip the tar and gzip files.  i did that and then
> ftp'ed them to the server and it wouldnt complie but when i used gzip -c and
> then tar -x -f it compiled fine... just a warning.

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