Slightly off topic SCO question

Trevor Antczak trevor at
Tue May 9 14:43:04 GMT 2000


I'm having a problem compiling TNG 2.5 on a SCO OpenServer 5 box.  I
don't think the problem is related to Samba, but I am hoping someone
here might have an idea of what it is.  I had to install gcc on the box
myself (Earlier versions of SCO don't come with a compiler, latter
versions may, I don't know).  I installed a Custom package gcc from
their Skunkware site, and all seemed to go well.  Custom says gcc is
installed, the gcc command does what you'd expect when given no
arguments.. I assumed all was well (gcc 2.95 BTW).  Downloaded samba,
untarred, and typed ./configure.  Configure finds gcc, checks gcc -O,
and then comes back with "gcc cannot make executables, install failed"
or something to that effect, and bombs.  I am really hoping someone with
SCO experience can help me out with this one.  I can't find any doc's on
the matter, and I am not sure where to go from here.   I am beginning to
REALLY hate this OS.

Thank you,
Trevor Antczak
Technology Manager
Steinmetz & Associates

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