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Tue May 9 00:08:28 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Hayden" == Hayden Wimmer <hwimmer at> writes:

    Hayden> the domain controller is linux/samba.... so when the nt
    Hayden> server logs into the domain as myself i cant perform nt
    Hayden> user mgr for domains.  i get a rpc error.  i am using the
    Hayden> version of samba that came with redhat 6.1.  i am
    Hayden> desperately trying to get this stuff to work.  win2000 has
    Hayden> arrived and the boss is favoring it...i dont want us to
    Hayden> fall into microsoft's clutch any more than we already
    Hayden> are...

That is almost certainly a 2.0 version of Samba.  That version of
Samba has extremely incomplete domain controller support.  It's
definitely not recommneded for use as a production domain controller.

If you want full domain controller support, you will have to use
Samba-TNG.  I'm not sure which alpha version would be the best for you
to try.


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