WARNING - Love Letter Virus alert!

Paul Rogers paul.rogers at mis-cds.com
Mon May 8 09:22:25 GMT 2000

Sometimes it's prompt and sometimes it is dog slow - I think it depends on
what the weather is like. :) We do not have a problem with any other mailing
lists or connectivity issues.

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> Subject: Re: WARNING - Love Letter Virus alert!
> >>>>> "Paul" == Paul Rogers <paul.rogers at mis-cds.com> writes:
>     Paul> Aaarrggghh I hate living in the UK! It took about 6-7 hours
>     Paul> for this e-mail to land back at my desk after sending it, so
>     Paul> therefore once it arrived on everyone elses desk, it was
>     Paul> after the other postings. Apologies ppl.
> Hmmmm.  I live in Ireland, and I find that list messages get to me
> pretty promptly.  Definitely not with a six to seven hour delay.  I'd
> be inclined to investigate your delay, if I were you.
> Paul.
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