The current compile problems

Lars Kneschke lars at
Sun May 7 06:04:26 GMT 2000


These are the necessary changes to compile samba-tng. With the latest

I replaced 'name' where necessary with 'unix_name'. That was easy.

I added 

#include "nsswitch/winbindd.h"

to lib/sursalgmultidom.c.

But this can't work!

lib/sursalgmultidom.c(line 246)

/*      if (!parse_id_list(lp_surs_domainrange_uid(), True) ||
            !parse_id_list(lp_surs_domainrange_gid(), False))
                return False;

I can't find any lp_surs_domainrange_*-function in the source-code.


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