TNG 2.5.3 - problems with USERMGR.EXE

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Fri May 5 15:44:45 GMT 2000

In that case I may have a problem.  I'll give you some background as to why
I was trying Samba TNG.

At present, I look after a load of firewalls.  Behind these firewalls we
have employees of our company working at customer sites.  In order for them
to access our company web servers, they use anything up to 5 passwords
before they get through.  

1) I would like to create a Samba-controlled NT domain, which is trusted by
the webservers.  The Samba domain authenticates users against an LDAP
directory, which is also used by the firewall therefore cutting down on some

2) I also want support staff to be able to use USERMGR so that they can add
users to the Samba domain.  They will be Domain administrators of another
domain which the Samba domain will trust.

3) Due to the numbers of users involved (pilot will start with about 600
users), I do not want to have to maintain a password file as well as adding
users with USERMGR and the Firewall Account Management tool.  

I do not need file sharing, just domain authentication.  So, based on the
current status of SAMBA TNG, is this possible?



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Mclaughlin, Marc:
> But do I need to add users to the Unix password file if I am using LDAP?

Samba need a proper uid to access files...

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