TNG-2.5.3. Unable to access the files on the PDC.

Jens Skripczynski jens.skripczynski at
Fri May 5 13:40:44 GMT 2000

Dmitri B.Gofmekler:
> Hi,
> The problem is the following: I can login into the domain but can not 
> access any shares on PDC.
> PDC running Samba-TNG-alpha-2.5.3, RedHAT 6.1
> (Samba configured to bind to the second LAN card (eth1) and loopback lo)
> Client - Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP5.
> Compressed my log files (log level = 100): 
 Two questions:

Can you login using 'rpcclient' and 'smbclient' ?
Can you access the shares 'smbclient' ?


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