samedit not creating valid smbpasswd entry (2.5.3 TNG)

Matt Ross m.g.ross at
Fri May 5 09:26:29 GMT 2000

> it did?????????  it does????? uh... where in hell's name did you get THAT
> from?????

I got it from the usual place. I'm not making this up (honest). When I first
started with Samba a few months ago I started with the plain 2.0.6, moved up
to 2.0.7pre4, then the main Samba CVS (pre 3.0) version. The only thing I
used to do differently is NIS+. All our unix accounts are on NIS+, and
initially I used './configure --with-nisplus --with-nisplus-home'. As NIS+
support seemed very flaky to me (it usually wouldn't even compile with it
on), I stopped using it. I only started using the TNG branch when I realised
PDC functionality did not work consistently for me (about a month ago).

> ok, i need to know EXACTLY where you got your distribution of 2.0.6 from,
> and i'm going to have "words" with the people that supplied it.  i just
> checked _all_ the versions of sampass.c in cvs main, tng, SAMBA_2_0 and
> SAMBA_2_0_RELEASE - *none* of them produce a file like this.

NIS+ table support is the only difference from a normal install that I used
to use.

> if there is a binary distribution out there that is producing *different*
> smbpasswd files i want to KNOW about it.

Oops. Hope I haven't started a fight.


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