Adding new users with USERMGR.EXE

Michael Glauche mg at
Thu May 4 15:32:36 GMT 2000

> On a related note to some of the current discussion (at least it seems
> related to me),
> Are there any plans to implement methods where a user is automatically
> added to the /etc/passwd database if they don't already exist when
> attempting to added them to private/smbpasswd ?  This functionality will be
> necessary in the long term (especially for those of us who need to grant
> these types of privileges, without granting telnet to the UNIX box).

for BDC this works with "add user script". Don't know if it is possible with
PDC ... But I think it's not needed anymore if the "winbind" project succeeds
... ;)

> I am thinking of something like an optional script that is run BEFORE samba
> checks for an existing /etc/passwd account when trying to add a new
> user.  We could check in the script (or samba could check for us before
> running the script) to see if the user exists, and create the necessary
> account if it meets qualifications (correct length, character set, case, etc).
> This is just a thought, but we will need this kind of functionality long
> term since we have about 14 people with 'superuser' privileges on our NT
> boxes, and none of them are UNIX savvy (and would be extremely dangerous at
> a command prompt).  Optionally, please inform me if this functionality
> already exists, and how to implement it.

that problem sound familliar ... ;))


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