SAMBA & Printing to a WinX share

Gerry George ggeorge at
Thu May 4 14:16:58 GMT 2000

My SAMBA is configured (non-TNG) and all clients are connecting, everything 
else is fine.  One problem I'm having, not sure if it is a SAMBA or Linux 
issue, is to print to a WinX (9x or NT) printer.  The other WinX systems 
can see AND use the printer share.  SAMBA/Linux does not complain and 
spools the jobs, yet nothing comes out of the printer.  The job does get 
cleared from the soppl directory.

This is one are where I'm stuck.

My printcap is as follows:


##PRINTTOOL3## SMB uniprint NAxNA letter {} U_EpsonStylusColor stc1520h {}

The HP-4500 is an HP Color with a JetDirect card.  Printing is direct via 
TCP/IP - works
The Epson PhotoEX is an inkjet connected to an NT server, where the printer 
share is exported as PhotoEX.  Both entries were created using the 
LinuxConf printer tool.  I notice that there is no reference to the target 
machine in the second instance, nor the fact that it is an SMB-accessed 

Any suggestions?

Gerry George

PS: For you NT experts, how do I force a share off?  I do not wish to share 
drive C:, yet everytime I turn off the share of "C:" and "C:\WINNT" it 
comes back.
Gerry E. George  <ggeorge at>
Information Technology Specialist,
DigiSolv, Inc.


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