One more thing...

A.V.Shutko AVShutko at
Thu May 4 02:11:55 GMT 2000

A.V.Shutko> Short Desc.   :      Wrong KOI8 --> 866 convertation
A.V.Shutko> Trigger       :      If i rename file.txt on network drive to Russian
A.V.Shutko>                      it  disappears  (but I can view it on Unix disk -
A.V.Shutko>                      its  name  in KOI8). All files in Russian are not
A.V.Shutko>                      showing on smb shares.

Hmm... One more thing... In TNG 2.5.3 ( i found this:
CODEPAGELIST   =  [skiped] ISO8859-2  ISO8859-5  ISO8859-7  *koi8-r*
instead of
CODEPAGELIST   =  [skiped] ISO8859-2  ISO8859-5  ISO8859-7  *KOI8-R*
Why you didn't fix it?

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