TNG 2.5.3 difficulty

Jim Levie Jim.Levie at
Wed May 3 23:49:15 GMT 2000

System RH6.2
TNG 2.5.3
configure options: none other than --prefix

There's not much in smb.conf:

        workgroup = MYDOM
        server string = Samba-PDC
        domain logons = yes
        domain master = yes
        preferred master = yes
        local master = yes
        os level = 65
        security = user
        encrypt passwords = yes

After an un-remarkable compile & install I created netlogon, private,
profile and set mode 1777 on profile, and "touched" private/smbpasswd

start samba via samba-init.d script (everybody started & runs)

samedit -S. -Uroot%
[root at .]$ createuser root
[root at .]$ createuser chaos$     (This system, to be a PDC)
[root at .]$ createuser chaos$ -s -j mydom
[root at .]$ createuser nt-wks$    (an NT4 workstation account)
[root at .]$ createuser user -p users-pass
[root at .]$ quit

stop & restart samba logs all look normal
have the workstation join the domain (apparently successfully)

attempt a logon from the workstation, which fusses about no roaming
being available and return to the "ctrl-alt-delete" to log on. Looking
in log.lsarpc I see errors of "_lsa_open_secret: couldn't open secret
db...". That's the only error being reported in any of the log files &
I have no idea why it's there or how to fix it.

Why? Have I missed something critical in setting up the PDC such that
it can't open it's password data, or what? 
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