1 general Question and 2 Windows 95 "Errors"

Jens Skripczynski Skripi at hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed May 3 23:45:33 GMT 2000


my first question is concerning the Head <> TNG Merge:

How far did it get until now ? (approximate 50/70/90 %)

How long will it, may it take until "equality" is reached ?

Windows 95:

Today i noticed to 2 Errors of the TNG Code and Windows 95
and i want to know, if others spotted the same:

1) I have domain login aktivated on my Windows 95 Machine,
   but the properly working login script 'netlogon.bat' is
   no more executed on login time. So no drives are mapped.
   Executing the script by hand yields no errors...

2) After doing a 95 Domain Logon, I spotted on my samba share
   a share named 'root', even so my own login Name is 'jens'.
   So it seems to me that the anonymous access is somehow wrong.
   'smbclient -L shadowland' shows the 'root' share as
   'Home Directories' which is also not correkt.


Jens Skripczynski
E-Mail: skripi at hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de

Computers are like airconditioners: They stop working 
properly if you open windows.

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