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Wed May 3 14:27:32 GMT 2000

There is information in the readme/howto for samba on netatalk
Check out the options: veto files, and delete veto files

Helpful ones I/we use:

veto files=/.bashrc/.profile/.cshrc/.rhosts/.htaccess/.AppleDesktop/.AppleDouble/Network Trash Folder/
delete veto files = yes
hide dot files = yes

"hide dot files" just makes the dot files not show up by default on the
client side, but they can enable seeing files that are "hidden" on the
client side to over-ride this

veto files are lists of files not offered by the server in listings, and
access to them oer smb is supposed to be eliminated by the service on the

delete veto files, allows pc/window users to recursively delete the
diirectories that may contain the veto files.

(Very good idea if you don't allow them to see the AppleDouble files,
since they cannot delete what they cannot see.) 

Read more on this in the man pages/documents on samba and netatalk on how 
to have them work together in your favor.

(There are/were some ./configure options before compiling samba to have
it work with netatalk, but I do not know the status of this
--with-netatalk option. Others may include the use of character sets that
both services share.)


On Wed, 3 May 2000, Michael Breuer wrote:

> Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 23:04:25 +1000
> From: Michael Breuer <mbreuer at>
> To: Multiple recipients of list SAMBA-NTDOM <samba-ntdom at>
> Subject: Re: Appledouble
> This is not a samba issue... assuming you're running linux & netatalk, look into the configurability of netatalk... but... before
> you trash the files, understand that your mac users might need them.  The "appledouble" files are netatalk's way of preserving the
> "resource" fork of Macintosh files.  On the Mac, each contains a data fork, a resource fork, or both.  The resource fork is required
> to identify the type of file (no suffix necessary) and may also contain significant additional information required for applications
> to utilized the "data" fork of the file.  For files shared between PC's and Macs, typically only the data fork is required.
> fricke at Team.OWL-Online.DE wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > after integrating a MAC in my network the machine always makes
> > directories called Appledouble. Is there a way to kill that.
> > It´s like a slimy point in every directory the MAC was.
> > The only way I know is Script or a cronjob to delete or move thewm to
> > /dev/null but is there another possibility?
> >
> > Thx for help
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