Password change under NT

Michael Glauche mg at
Wed May 3 13:17:17 GMT 2000

> Is there a version of Samba that I can download and use that will allow
> users to change their Samba Password in smbpasswd and to have this also
> updated in the UNIX passwd file? Is it just a matter of getting pre TNG
> 2.5 source?

TNG at 2.5.2 can change passwords, but it has some problems with
locking ;)

So I think 2.6 (when it comes out) will be pretty good .. ;)
(login + change pw + locking .. ;)

> Also, I need to know how to setup a Domain Administrator that actually
> works on the NT clients. We tried the mapping of root=Administrator and
> having Administrator in the adm group in /etc/group, but it didn't change
> any access privileges. I was using:
> domain admin group = /usr/local/daemon/samba/lib/
> domain admin users = /usr/local/daemon/samba/lib/
> With:
> adm="Domain Admins" in the first map and
> root=Administrator in the second map.

it works fine here with tng 2.5 and NT4 sp5/6 clients, Check it whith the
usrmgr, if you are in the right group. Check if those mappings are
world-readable (?)

I did use admin="Domain Admins" in the file.


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