Password change under NT

Paul Lussier pll at
Tue May 2 13:05:06 GMT 2000

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Greg Roberts said:

>I don't have a lot of time and if I can't get this feature working, then
>I'm going to scrap Samba all together. There's not much point in using it
>as a logon mechanism if users can't change their password from one point
>and have it updated for both smbpasswd and NIS (it would cause too much

One of the things we're doing, rather than try to get this working is provide 
a central web site on our intranet which uses SSL to allow the person to 
change their password.

This will allow users to change both smbpasswd and /etc/passwd or yp passwords.
Additionally, when we add services in the future which may require new 
passwords, it will be trivial to add password changing capabilities for these 
services to this one location.
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