Samba 2.0.7 PDC and Win2K

Steffen Moser moser at
Tue May 2 04:59:52 GMT 2000


Michael Haro wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to get Win2K to login to a domain where samba acts as the
> PDC.  I saw postings talking about how 2.0.6 will never support Win2K
> and domain logins, but haven't been able to find anything about 2.0.7.
> Does 2.0.7 support this or do I need to download a branch from the
> CVS repo?

"samba-2.0.x" cannot be used as a PDC for Win2k machines. AFAIK the only
solution to your problem is to use "samba-TNG" instead of "samba-2.0.x".


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