no way to login from nt

Martin Helas helas at
Mon May 1 20:41:01 GMT 2000

I am using Samba-TNG alpha 2.5 on a Linux-i386 system.
I have added the machine-account and the user account.
After starting all the daemons, I try to login from the NT m/c (NT 4, SP 5).
But NT tells me, that it is not possible yet, to login, because there is no
Domain-Controller on the domain home.
When trying to login as user I added local on the NT m/c before, I am able
to login.

I attached all the logs using log-level 10 as well as my smb.conf.


Martin Helas
Network Admin-Group of the
Ludwig-Georgs-Gymnasium Darmstadt
mh at or helas at
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