Unable to join domain

jahall at nea.org jahall at nea.org
Mon May 1 15:17:45 GMT 2000

I have compiled and started Samba-TNG-2.5, but I cannot join the domain.

When I use samedit to create the computer account, I receive the following 

SAM Create Domain User
Domain:  XXXXX Name:  net-admin$ ACB:  [W             ]
Resetting Trust Account to insecure, initial, well-known value:  "net-admin"
net-admin can now be joined to the domain, which should 
be done on a private, secure network as soon as possible
Create Domain User:  FAILED

When I try to join the domain from the NT Workstation, I receive the following 

Unable to connect to the domain controller for this domain.  Have your 
administrator check the computer account in the domain.

Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance for your help.


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