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Paul J Collins pjdc at
Mon May 1 13:54:35 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Samuelson <peter at> writes:

    Peter> Sounds like you need a key-value database for your passwd
    Peter> file.  Most Unices have an option for this somewhere, if
    Peter> you dig for it.  If your vendor doesn't, you can probably
    Peter> hack it with loopback NIS.  Although ugly in the extreme, I
    Peter> expect this would be faster (as your passwd file scales
    Peter> up).

It's the smbpasswd file that is the problem, not /etc/passwd.  You
should be able to build Samba with the --with-sampwdb=tdb, which will
use Samba's Way Cool (R) key-value database.

    Peter> Peter


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