Problems Starting SAMBA

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon May 1 10:21:16 GMT 2000

[Jim Levie]
> Except for a problem with gcc having an internal error w/optimzation
> on in rpcclient.c (fix by using Sun's cc or turn off optimization)

I reported this to the gcc people.  gcc 2.95.2 compiles it with -O0 and
-O2 but not with -O.  Since I'm using Linux/i386, it seems the bug is
rather backend-independent.

> I have some suspicions that at least some of the Solaris problems may
> be directly attributed to the daemons being split out.

Are they just suspicions, or do you have any evidence?  Does Solaris
not have a good implementation of Unix domain sockets?  In my (rather
limited) experience, modularity nearly always makes for easier


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