netlogond 95%cpu

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon May 1 09:28:28 GMT 2000

[Olivier Brousselle]
> My complete smbpasswd have at least 1300 lines (50 workstations and
> 1250 users).  When a user log in, netlogon read smbpasswd file, and
> because it is very big, the 10 seconds limit is reached.
> If I reduce my smbpasswd to some users and workstations, no problem,
> domain is OK.

Sounds like you need a key-value database for your passwd file.  Most
Unices have an option for this somewhere, if you dig for it.  If your
vendor doesn't, you can probably hack it with loopback NIS.  Although
ugly in the extreme, I expect this would be faster (as your passwd file
scales up).


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