strange behavior with roaming-profiles on NT4 and samba2.06

peter pilsl pilsl at
Mon May 1 08:59:59 GMT 2000

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 07:31:08AM +1000, James Tait wrote:
> I get exactly this behaviour at work with NT4 SP4 clients and and NT4
> Server PDC.  I'm a sysadmin, so my old profile is splattered on desktops
> all over the site!  Delete the locally-stored profile (I just get rid of
> C:\WINNT\Profiles\JTait*.*) and next time you login on that workstation
> it'll download your current romaing profile from the server.  I believe
> there is a reg hack to stop it storing the profile locally - search the
> archives.

So its a feature of beloved microsoft ...

you dont need a reghack, you can also use a setting in the
system-policy, but I really need local cached profiles, cause my users
have local outlook-imap-profiles sized>100MB .....

I think I´ll extend the loginscript for deleting all local profile-files
that are not on the server !!



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