Samba Head w/ TNG setup - multiple .SID files?

Samuel Greenfeld Gree3776 at
Fri Jun 30 20:59:45 GMT 2000

    At our organization, we were looking to integrate a test Windows 2000 machine into our samba setup.   Here, samba plays a PDC.   However, the system had to support 95/98 machines as well.    So we followed the recommendation in the online TNG document and ran the smbd from the SAMBA_HEAD cvs tree and all the other utilities (nmbd, etc.) from the SAMBA_TNG cvs tree. 

   We compiled the two of them into directories with two separate prefixes (/usr/local/samba.tng and /usr/local/samba.head).    We shutdown the stable samba version we were using, started the alpha editions, and got the following error message in log.smbd whenever we tried to add the Win2k machine to the domain:

ERROR: Samba cannot create a SAM SID for its domain (TESTDOM1).
both /etc/MACHINE.SID and /etc/TESTDOM1.SID exist when only one should, unable to continue

   In other words, we ran into a problem where some of the utilities seem to be using the /etc/MACHINE.SID file, while some utilities were using an /etc/TESTDOM1.SID file (the name of the domain we created).   This caused samba to get confused, and completely screwed up domain logins from the NT 4.0 client we had hooked up in samba 2.0.7, which said the SID it knew for the domain controller was not it.   Renaming either of these .SID files and restarting samba caused them to be recreated.   No harm done, we simply shut down the experimental version, used the old .SID file we backed up, started samba 2.0.7, and everything was back to normal.    During the entire time, we were quite careful to cd into the appropriate directories (/usr/local/samba.tng/sbin and /usr/local/samba.head/bin) and run "./daemonname" to ensure that the proper binary was started.

   Right now, this entire setup is experimental, so if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this (or wants us to track down which daemon is at fault), please let me know.   We also ran into trouble getting samedit to run, but I do not know if this is related.

   Date of experiment: June 28, 2000
   Date of last CVS update & compile prior to experiment: June 28, 2000, early morning
   Samba TNG prefix set to:  /usr/local/samba.tng
   Samba HEAD prefix set to:  /usr/local/samba.head
   /etc/smb.conf was shared between versions, /etc/smbpasswd also forced in both.
   Operating system: Linux 2.2.14-6.1.1smp (yes, it needs to be upgraded, but we're waiting on some binary-only drivers) on a Dual Xeon 800 w/ 1024 MB RAM.

   Samuel Greenfeld
   Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rowan University

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