Getting somewhere in my samba adventures... slowly

Peter Samuelson peter at
Fri Jun 30 00:15:04 GMT 2000

[Mauricio Tavares <raub at>]
> What I envision is to have people to log into to their NT/W98/W95/W2K
> boxes anad have that l/p already take care of what they have access
> to in the unix box.

Are you currently using an NT domain controller?  If so, this stage
should be relatively easy.  Set the following parameters:

  workgroup = DOMAIN_NAME
  encrypt passwords = true
  password server = YOUR_NT_PDC

Then either set

  security = server

for generic pass-through authentication, or go whole hog and actually
join the domain (faster and more secure):

  security = domain

If you want to use `security = domain', you must actually join the
domain in question.  Get on the PDC as an administrator, go to Start ->
Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager, and add your
computer name to the domain.  Then hop back on your Unix box as root
and run `smbpasswd -j DOMAIN_NAME -r YOUR_NT_PDC'.

Either way your Unix user list needs to match the NT user list (or you
can provide a username map), although the Unix passwords don't matter
as they will be ignored.

> I plan in the end to run the unix box as primary server for the
> localnet and have our current NT server as secondary, asking the unix
> box for anything it may need such as usernames and stuff.

That'll be a bit more effort.... (:


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