trust between two samba-tng pdcs?

Lauri Mylläri rez at
Thu Jun 29 20:47:44 GMT 2000


  Reading the exchange on two way trust between nt and samba was
enlightening, but not quite enough for my situation. I have two domains
controlled by samba-tngs with samba-2.0.7 {file,print}servers and NT4
clients - and all is good and beautiful. Until I need to access the
other domain with an NT.. Is it possible to get the pdcs to trust each
other? Both are tng-2.5. All I found from the archives was how to get
samba talking to nt pdc, but nothing on two samba pdcs. Is this documented
somewhere else? Am I missing something completely obvious?

  btw, I have a somewhat weird (but working solution) for keeping the
account and group information updated on my samba pdc, samba servers, unix
servers and workstations. A custom program, which creates and updates
accounts/passwords/groups on *nix with ssh - a hack, but it requires
no changes for existing linux workstations and keeps sanity in a mixed
linux/NT environment (nfs and samba, nt and unix logins, imap accounts
etc). It's a python application that comes with a gui, access groups
for different computers and support for samba and cyrus.. If someone is
interested, I should be able to get it released under GPL - the original
coder is too busy to become a maintainer for a 'real' project.

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