Getting somewhere in my samba adventures... slowly

Mike Westkamper mjwestkamper at
Thu Jun 29 16:04:55 GMT 2000

>From my recent experiences you may want to use a small NT box as the Primary
Domain Controller (PDC) and do the authentications through it. SAMBA is a great
thing, however there are some lingering problems having it as a PDC, at least
that is my opinion.

The Linux/SAMBA box then authenticates all the users through the PDC and happy,
happy. Later as you progress and the next SAMBA version is released it is not a
big deal to move the PDC job to SAMBA.


Mauricio Tavares wrote:

> At 05:29 PM 6/29/00 +0300, "Valentin Pavlov" <v_valchev at> wrote:
> >Simply add "security = share" in global parameters.
> >But note - you will not be able to authenticate users.
> >
>         I understand, but using what you suggested allowed me to do waht I
> consider to be the most important right now:  find out if my samba server
> is working and I can connect to it.  It works!  So I am pretty happy now.
> Thanks! =)
> Now that has been taken care of, I can proceed to the next phase, which is
> setting the user authentication part.  What I envision is to have people to
> log into to their NT/W98/W95/W2K boxes anad have that l/p already take care
> of what they have access to in the unix box.  I plan in the end to run the
> unix box as primary server for the localnet and have our current NT server
> as secondary, asking the unix box for anything it may need such as
> usernames and stuff.
> Again, thanks for the help! =)

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