setting up a Linux 2.2 server for Win9x dialin

Sam Couter sam at
Thu Jun 29 03:24:43 GMT 2000

David Bannon <D.Bannon at> wrote:
> I do a similar thing using pam_smb and found that ppp did not like being
> told to authenticate a user who did not have an acount. So I have a system
> that creates 'dummy' accounts on the dial in server as they appear on the
> samba pdc. It might still be possible, but I found it easier to spawn the
> accounts as I already had such a system running for other purposes anyway.

The "easier" way would be to use the winbind thing I've been hearing about.
It's a Name Service (like /etc/passwd or NIS) that uses an NT domain PDC to
look up user accounts.

But yes, the account does need to exist on the system for pam_ntdom to work.
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