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Wed Jun 28 19:08:23 GMT 2000

>>>>> "iddwb" == iddwb  <David.Bear at> writes:

    iddwb> Fourth, since a period '.' is not considered a valid
    iddwb> character in a netbios name (the original list of invalid
    iddwb> characters included things like "*", "?", "/", "\" "'"),
    iddwb> and since it is possible the connect to a dotted decimal
    iddwb> notated netname via \\\sharename, the
    iddwb> requester must be converting this ip address to a netbios
    iddwb> name? or resolving it some other way.  Can anyone describe
    iddwb> the mechanism used here?

You kind of answered your own question there; the requester sees the
dotted quad and says, "Aha! an IP address; no need to look up a name".
There is no point in converting the IP address to a NetBIOS name,
since it would have to convert it back again to actually make the SMB
connection.  Connections are made to IP addresses, not to NetBIOS
names.  I am speaking of a TCP/IP-only NetBIOS environment, since that
is all that Samba supports.

Using the IP address is necessary trick when you want to connect to an
NT server from the same machine using two different user accounts.


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