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1st problem:
The current user must have the 'SeSystemtimePrivilege'
If you're running this script from a NT machine, this is "normal"
as simple users doesn't have this privilege by default.

2nd problem:
It seems to be a name resolution issue, check your client configuration.
You must either use a WINS server for name resolution (TCP/IP
either add entries into the LMHOSTS file (%WinDir% for Win9x,
%SystemDir%\System32\drivers\etc for WinNT)

If you are using a WINS server, check if the mapping exists. If not,
check your server configuration as it should have been added
if the server is also a WINS client. Otherwise (if you don't want to use
a WINS resolution on the server), add a static mapping yourself.

Have fun,


wilson at coms.com a écrit :
> Hi, everyone!
> I've recently migrated a Samba-NT-PDC system from one machine to another
> (both running the same hardware & O/S).  During logon, I've got the
> following error messages in NT client:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Setting Current Time...
> Current time at \\tubby is 6/28/00 2:21 PM
> System error 1314 has occurred.
>  A required privilege is not held by the client.
> Mapping Network Drives to Samba Server 'SERVER'...
> System error 67 has occurred.
> The network name cannot be found.
> -----------------------------------------------------
> I had the same problem with time synchronization on the previous
> machine, but I could map the network drive there.
> Here is my login.bat script:
> -------------------------------
> @echo off
> echo Setting Current Time...
> net time \\SERVER /set /yes
> echo Mapping Network Drives to Samba Server 'tubby'...
> net use w: \\SERVER\path-to-share /persistent:no
> ------------------------------------------------------
> Could anyone give me a quick answer to 'How to fix these two problems?'
> Many thanks,
> Wilson

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